Kansas Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association


Endowment Information

The Kansas Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association believes student-athletes are the future.  We believe in the importance of their participation in an environment that emphasizes the development of character, citizenship, and leadership.  The KIAAA Endowment was established to help maximize opportunities for student-athletes’ success.

The purpose of the KIAAA Endowment Fund is to:

  • Preserve and create opportunities for student-athletes involved in Kansas programs;
  • Provide a vehicle for the KIAAA to remain involved in supporting wholesome programs that instill lifelong values in our young citizens;
  • Insure that the KIAAA can continue to provide quality programs and services to its membership.

Donations: Please click here for the Endowment Form to contribute to the fund.  Your donation is greatly appreciated!