Kansas Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association


KIAAA Scholarship

The KIAAA Scholarship is accordance with the NIAAA's purpose to promote, facilate, and increase the knowledge and understanding of the vital role of interscholastic athletics in the educational system.  This scholarship program is designed to foster and acknowledge the NIAAA and secondary education.  The scholarships will recoginize the distinguished scholasitic, leadership, and sportsmanship attributes of high school athletes.  

There are a maximium of 4 scholarships awarded, one from each congressional district.  Each scholarship awarded is $500.

The scholarship consists of three components:  1) Completion of bio form, 2) Writing a short sportsmanship statement, 3) Writing a page essay on "How High School Athletics Has Impacted My Life".

The Biography Sheet and Rubic can by downloaded by clicking HERE

Applications are due to Mickey Masterson at mmasterson01@bluevalleyk12.org by January 12, 2018