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Annual Fall Workshop

The Annual KIAAA Fall Workshop will be Monday, November 7th, at the KSHSAA Office in Topeka. The tentative agenda for the workshop can be seen by clicking HERE.  Registration is now open through your FinalForms Portal.  There will be a hotel block rate for those coming up either Saturday or Sunday evening at the Endeavor Inn and Suites (formally the ClubHouse Inn) in Topeka (924 Southwest Henderson, Topeka).  The block rate is $83/night (plus room and sales tax).  Contact the hotel by calling 785-273-8888 and make sure to request the KIAAA Block Rate. There are only a limited number of rooms, so make sure to make reservations asap.  The block is only open through 10/20/22.

LTI courses are being offered on the Sunday (11/6) prior to the Workshop.  Those courses are $100 each and you can enroll for those through your FinalForms portal.  For NEW ADs, we have a special rate of $50 if you take one course, and $75 total if you take two courses.  The KIAAA feels that LTI 501/502 are the single most beneficial resource for new ADs, and this is why these courses are being provided at such a reduced cost.  Please send a note to mhaugth@kiaaa.org if you have questions. 


Membership Drive Through October 15

The 2022-2022 school year is now upon us.  This is an exciting time for the KIAAA, as our organization embarks on the implementation of a new 5-year Strategic Plan.  There are some exciting new initiatives that are part of that plan, as well framework for building on those KIAAA programs already in place.  We are anticipating record membership for the 2022-2023 school year.  If you are needing to renew your membership, or you are looking to open a new membership, please click HERE to take you to the membership site.  Once within that site, you will have the opportunity to sign up for the 2022-2023 membership, and you can also sign up for the KIAAA Annual Conference held in March.  While it is not required to sign up for the conference at this time, this option does serve as a one-stop payment process so that membership/conference can be paid all at once.  We would strongly encourage you to consider this pay-all option.  If there are questions, please contact mhaught@kiaaa.org. 


Attention New Athletic Directors

Are you a first or second-year AD?  The KIAAA has some special programs just for you!  Rollie Van Wyhe, CMAA, is the first vice-president of the KIAAA and supervises our mentorship program.  He has information, resources, examples of spreadsheets, etc.,  that may assist you as you navigate the paper-work laden business of athletic administration. Contact Rollie at rvanwyhe@knusd331.com  Also, check out the "Toolbox" tab of our website.  Under this tab are links to other websites and documents that may help you get started or provide some new ideas.  Click HERE to view an invite to our mentorship program.




AD Of The Week

To acknowledge the efforts of our ADs around the state, the KIAAA has initiated an "AD of the Week" campaign.  If you know a middle school or a high school AD in Kansas that you think is deserving, click on the link below and fill out the brief survey.  Those ADs selected are highlighted on the KIAAA Facebook page under the "Members Group."  If you are not currently a member of the "Members Group," submit a request by visiting the KIAAA Facebook Page, click on "Groups," click on the "KIAAA Members" group and click on "join the group."

To nominate an AD of the Week, click HERE.


Interested In Sponsoring/Partnering With the KIAAA

The KIAAA has a variety of sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations.  Depending on the partnership level, sponsors have an opportunity to be recognized at specific events at the annual conference, have a high level of exposure throughout the conference through banners and printed/electronic publications, and have exposure on the KIAAA website and email communication, etc.  The KIAAA is interested in developing a partnership with the sponsor's needs in mind.  As a sponsor, WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?  Reference the sponsorship packet as a guide by clicking HERE. If you have some other things that you would like to do, reach out, and we see how we can work with you.  


Are You Familiar With the New Track Relay Exchange Zone Requirements

See what our corporate sponsor Hellas Construction has available to you to solve these new NFHS requirements.

Contact our Kansas Representative Michelle Kuhns at mkuhns@hellasconstruction.com for details.











2022 Conference Highlights