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The 2021 KIAAA Annual Meeting and Conference Has A New Date


The KIAAA Annual Meeting and Conference date is rapidly approaching.  We will convince in a FACE-TO-FACE event from June 1-3 at the Kansas Star Convention Center in Mulvane, Kansas.  Hotel accommodation on Campus at the Hampton Inn Suites.  It is not too late to register, but the link closes on May 24th.  Click HERE to go to the registration site.  

VENDORS - Currently the Vendor Expo space is full.  Contact mhaught@kiaaa.org to be placed on the waiting list, or call 316-655-8929 if you have questions.



Important Membership Update Information

In the past, many of you renewed your NIAAA membership as part of the KIAAA conference registration (meaning that your NIAAA membership expired during the spring).  This has always created confusion in that conference enrollees were often unsure whether to enroll in the conference category or in the conference + NIAAA dues category.  To alien our association fees so that all are due at the same time of the year, NIAAA memberships will no longer be collected with spring conference enrollment.  Rather, all NIAAA memberships will now be collected in the fall.  While many of you are already on this fall schedule, for those of you that have paid your dues in the spring, we will be moving you to a fall rotation.  To do so, the NIAAA is going to assist us in that process by extending those memberships coming due this coming April for another 6 months for that fall carryover.  The KIAAA is aware that some districts will pay for conference fees and no association fees, and by doing membership in the fall, this could create some challenges.  Rest assured that we will have the membership registration and conference registration together on one site so the NIAAA membership could be all-inclusive and thus not appear as a separate fee.   

In a nutshell, the KIAAA Annual Meeting and Conference registration will no longer include an NIAAA membership category.  If you have renewed your NIAAA membership during your spring conference fee in that past, you will have a 6-month extension to your current NIAAA membership.  Your NIAAA membership will then become due next fall (NOTE- If you are enrolling in the KIAAA Conference but you are not a current KIAAA/NIAAA member, you will need to go to the membership enrollment site.  Contact kiaaaemail@gmail.com for assistance).


Nominate The "AD of the Week"

To acknowledge the efforts of our ADs around the state, the KIAAA has initiated an "AD of the Week" campaign.  If you know a middle school or a high school AD in Kansas that you think is deserving, click on the link below and fill out the brief survey.  Those ADs selected are highlighted on the KIAAA Facebook page under the "Members Group."  If you are not currently a member of the "Members Group," submit a request by visiting the KIAAA Facebook Page, click on "Groups," click on the "KIAAA Members" group and click on "join the group."

To nominate an AD of the Week, click HERE.



Interested In Sponsoring/Partnering With the KIAAA

The KIAAA has a variety of sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations.  Depending on the partnership level, sponsors have an opportunity to be recognized at specific events at the annual conference, have a high level of exposure throughout the conference through banners and printed/electronic publications, have exposure on the KIAAA website and email communication, etc.  The KIAAA is interested in developing a partnership with the sponsor's needs in mind.  As a sponsor, WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?  Reference the sponsorship packet as a guide by clicking HERE. If you have some other things that you would like to, reach out, and we see how we can work with you.  



Are You Familiar With the New Track Relay Exchange Zone Requirements

See what our corporate sponsor Hellas Construction has available to you to solve these new NFHS requirements.

Contact our Kansas Representative Michelle Kuhns at mkuhns@hellasconstruction.com for details.