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2021-2022 KIAAA/NIAAA Membership Registration

The link for this year's membership registration has gone through modifications.  We are now uning FinalForms AMP as our registration platform.  We set record numbers for membership this previous year, and we are anticipating that same trend this year.  We are getting feedback from ADs (small school to large school, middle school to high school) that they are finding more benefit than ever from their association with the KIAAA.  KIAAA programs continue to expand and the support network within the membership is becoming invaluable.  Furthermore, the partnership with the KSHSAA and the NIAAA give KIAAA members valuable resources as they implement their school's athletic program.  To either initiate a KIAAA/NIAAA membership or to renew a membership, please click HERE to go to the registration site.


Nominate The "AD of the Week"

To acknowledge the efforts of our ADs around the state, the KIAAA has initiated an "AD of the Week" campaign.  If you know a middle school or a high school AD in Kansas that you think is deserving, click on the link below and fill out the brief survey.  Those ADs selected are highlighted on the KIAAA Facebook page under the "Members Group."  If you are not currently a member of the "Members Group," submit a request by visiting the KIAAA Facebook Page, click on "Groups," click on the "KIAAA Members" group and click on "join the group."

To nominate an AD of the Week, click HERE.



Interested In Sponsoring/Partnering With the KIAAA

The KIAAA has a variety of sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations.  Depending on the partnership level, sponsors have an opportunity to be recognized at specific events at the annual conference, have a high level of exposure throughout the conference through banners and printed/electronic publications, have exposure on the KIAAA website and email communication, etc.  The KIAAA is interested in developing a partnership with the sponsor's needs in mind.  As a sponsor, WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU?  Reference the sponsorship packet as a guide by clicking HERE. If you have some other things that you would like to, reach out, and we see how we can work with you.  



Are You Familiar With the New Track Relay Exchange Zone Requirements

See what our corporate sponsor Hellas Construction has available to you to solve these new NFHS requirements.

Contact our Kansas Representative Michelle Kuhns at mkuhns@hellasconstruction.com for details.