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The Certification Program provides a means for the athletic administrator to develop professionally. The NIAAA Certification Program is a voluntary professional service to athletic administrators with various levels of experience and preparation. The athletic administrator who attains professional certification will have demonstrated the completion of a comprehensive plan for self-improvement. Individuals will enhance their ability to serve the students, school, community and professional organization.

There are 4 levels of certification:

  •  Registered Athletic Administrator (RAA)
  • Registered Middle School Athletic Administrator (RMSAA)
  • Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA)
  • Certified Master Athletic Administrator (CMAA)

Certification Program Objectives:

  • To promote professional standards, practices and ethics;
  • To encourage self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement;
  • To improve performance by encouraging participation in a continuing program of professional growth and development;
  • To identify levels of educational training essential for effective athletic administration;
  • To foster professional contributions to the field;
  • To maximize the benefits received by the school community from the leadership provided by certified athletic administrators.

Benefits of Becoming Certified:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the profession
  • Provide growth of professional knowledge and expertise
  • Develop a sense of personal and professional satisfaction
  • Enhance the perception of the profession.
  • Increases the potential for employment opportunities or incentives
  • Participate in a nationally registered certification program

To view the NIAAA’s requirements for certification, please click here.

To view the NIAAA’s process for becoming certified, please click here.


On January 1, 2019, candidates for RAA, RMSAA, and CAA designations will require Leadership Training Course 503 to the requisite requirements of established criteria. In addition, Leadership Training Course 510 will be required for CMAA designations. To be eligible for certification under the current criteria, all requirements for any designation must be completed prior to January 1, 2019.

The NIAAA has created a product bundle for any member that wishes to attain the CAA designation prior to January 1, 2019 and has not yet completed any of the required Leadership Training Courses. This bundle includes the online offering of LTCs 501, 502, 504, and 506 along with a suggested timeline for completion, study materials, and the Personal Data Form. The NIAAA is offering this bundle for a discounted rate of $550 (originally $650) to current members that qualify*.


*Qualifying members will have met all of the requirements outlined in the Personal Data Form (click here to view a sample PDF) including, but not limited to: a minimum of two years as an active athletic administrator, a bachelor's degree, employed by (or retired from) a school, school district or state high school athletic/activities association in such capacity that the administration of interscholastic athletics is (was) among job responsibilities. Each student is expected to schedule and successfully complete his/her exam prior to January 1, 2019. If the requirements are not met by December 31, 2018, the student must adhere to the new requirements and complete LTC 503 prior to sitting for the exam.


If you have any questions, contact Brent Jones at jonesb@usd385.org



2022 Conference Highlights