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Another Successful KIAAA Fall Workshop

Hats off to all those attending the Fall Workshon on November 6th in Topeka.  The oportunity to have a network session with other members in one's school classification was very productive.  If you are wanting some of the resoureces from the individual presentations, those can be found under the "PROGRAMS" tab and under "FALL WORKSHOP RESOURCES".  Amanda Faunce's S.A.L.T. has been loaded.  Greg Sullivan's is forthcoming.  Greg Rosenhagen's Sportsmanship Summit Program slides are also availabe.  


Whether you are retired, moved to another state, or still working but in another campacity (principal, superintendent, etc), WE WANT TO HERE FROM YOU!!  The KIAAA is celebrating its 50th birthday/reunion at this year's annual conference in the spring.  As part of that celebration, we want to be able to communicate with as many ADs from the "past" as we can possibly reach.  Please take a second and click HERE and register on our PAST KIAAA AD Registration site.  Additonlly if you know of any other past ADs, PLEASE communicate to them register as well.  If you have any questions, drop a note to Larry Dostert, retired AD from Wichita Bishop Carroll at ljdostert@gmail.com or kiaaaemail@gmail.com.


Kansas Receives NIAAA Membership Commendation

The NIAAA annually recognizes states who have shown increases in their NIAAA membership from the previoius year.  Again for 2017--18, Kansas has shown a record enrollment in its number of NIAAA memberships.  Since becoming a dual membership state in 2015-16, the number of Kansas ADs belonging to the NIAAA has increased each year, and we would expect that trend to continue as those in the profession continue to recognize the benefits of KIAAA/NIAAA membership.  Be come part of the trend!  If you have not become a KIAAA/NIAAA member, click on the "MEMBERSHIP" link in the left hand column of the Homepage.












Kansas continues to increase its NIAAA mem