Kansas Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association


The KIAAA Partners With Family ID


By virture of a partnership with the KIAAA,  Family ID is now the registration package for the KIAAA.  Family ID will be a more user friendly and consistent tool for the enrollment our membership.  Once registered in Family ID, enrollee information will be stored and should expediate registration in future events.  We are looking forward to long-lasting relationship with Family ID.  Click HERE to go to the KIAAA Landing Page.  Enrollment for membership, workshops, conferences, LTIs, and other KIAAA events will all be found on this Home Landing Page.  Visit it now and check it out!  If you have questions contact Larry Dostert, retired AD from Wichita Bishop Carroll, at ljdostert@gmail.com or send a note kiaaaemail@gmail.com



Whether you are retired, moved to another state, or still working but in another campacity (principal, superintendent, etc), WE WANT TO HERE FROM YOU!!  The KIAAA is celebrating its 50th birthday/reunion at this year's annual conference in the spring.  As part of that celebration, we want to be able to communicate with as many ADs from the "past" as we can possibly reach.  Please take a second and click HERE and register on our PAST KIAAA AD Registration site.  Additonlly if you know of any other past ADs, PLEASE communicate to them register as well.  If you have any questions, drop a note to Larry Dostert, retired AD from Wichita Bishop Carroll at ljdostert@gmail.com or kiaaaemail@gmail.com.



Summer Webinars

Our webinars offer the opportunity to take courses from the comforts of the office or home and receive the same quality instruction, interaction and networking opportunities as is provided in a classroom setting. Each webinar costs $125 for members and $210 for non-members. The course fee includes the digital course manual and an acknowledgment of course completion.

Each course is taught by trained and experienced faculty. Courses consist of two 120-minute sessions, taught on two consecutiveMondayTuesdayWednesday or Thursday evenings beginning at 7:30 p.m. EST.

Summer Webinar Schedule:

LTC 501       Tuesdays, July 24 & 31
LTC 502 Mondays, July 23 & 30
LTC 503 Thursdays, July 26 & August 2
LTC 510 Wednesdays July 25 & August 1
LTC 611 Tuesdays, July 10 & 17
LTC 626 Mondays, July 9 & 16
LTC 630 Wednesdays, July 11 & 18
LTC 700 Thursdays, July 12 & 19


Registration for the summer webinar sessions ends July 1, 2018. For more information on our webinars and online courses, visit our website. If you have any problems with your registration or questions about our current course offerings, don't hesitate to call.


Nellie Crocker
Membership, Communications & Systems Manager

ncrocker@niaaa.org ||  317-587-1450 x1


Cheryl Van Paris

Leadership Training Institute & Certification Manager

cvanparis@niaaa.org || 317-587-1450 x2