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Leadership Training Programs

The KIAAA encourages its members, as well as all Kansas Athletic Administrators, to participate in the NIAAA Professional Development Program which includes the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute and the NIAAA Certification Program.

The NIAAA Leadership Training Institute is a professional development education program established in 1996 to:

  • Promote the professional growth and prestige of athletic administrators
  • Provide an opportunity for athletic administrators to participate in the nation’s largest professional organization whose activities are directed exclusively to high school and middle school athletic administrators
  • Provide education programs as a resource tool for athletic administrators
  • Promote quality in all programs conducted at the national, state, and local level

The KIAAA will be offering three leadership training courses in conjunction with the Annual Fall Workshop - stay tuned for details.

Why is Leadership Training Important?

The purpose of the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute is a voluntary professional development program designed by athletic administrators for athletic administrators.  Athletic administrators who complete the course will have attained additional knowledge and perspective of the athletic administrator’s role.  Completion of leadership training institutes will enhance the daily operations of the athletic department, will improve the professionalism of the athletic administrator, and will have a positive effect within the school and community.

The NIAAA Professional Development Certification Institute allows newly hired athletic administrators to begin the process of professional development and to assist veteran administrators to continue their professional growth in an orderly, concise, and educationally sound program of study.

See the Certification tab for more information on RAA, CAA & CMAA course requirements.

Visit the NIAAA Website for more information - click here

For questions regarding NIAAA LTI Courses, please contact:

Allan Sersland