Kansas Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association


KIAAA Membership Benefits And Enrollment

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Membership in the Kansas Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association is a dual membership of the KIAAA and the NIAAA (National Interscholastic Athletic Administrator Association).  Benefits of membership include:

  • Leadership Training Institute: Educational curriculum of courses designed by and for athletic administrators (Note: Courses are constantly in development to expand course curriculum)
  • Certification Program: Three levels of professional certification including RAA, CAA, CMAA
  • Use of mass email service to send requests to all athletic administrators in Kansas for:
    • Games Wanted
    • Equipment For Sale/Needed
    • General Questions
  •     Opportunity to nominate students from your school for KIAAA scholarships annually
  • KIAAA Newsletters & Publications
  • Useful resources for athletic administrators
  • Annual Awards
  • All of the NIAAA Benefits including:
    • Interscholastic Athletic Administration, a quarterly professional journal written by and for athletic administrators
    • $2,000,000 student injury and property damage liability insurance while performing the duties of an athletic administrator
    • $2,500 term life insurance
    • Ability to purchase Long Term Health Care at discount rates, as well as discounts on  Cancer Insurance and Accident Insurance
    • Discount on registration fees for the National Athletic Directors Conference in addition LTI classes, certification and other services
    • Opportunities to serve on national committees
    • Support, communication and informational materials regarding key issues, through interpretation, best practices, research, explanation and education
    • Opportunity to nominate students from your school for the NIAAA Scholarship annually
    • Opportunity for national recognition through the NIAAA Awards Program

Associate memberships are available that don’t include the NIAAA enrollment.  The associate membership is ONLY available to individuals that are not currently working as athletic administration in the state.  This includes individuals who were involved in the KIAAA but no longer qualify due to change in profession or change in state.  It also includes those who are pursuing an athletic administration degree or are aspiring to becoming an AD in the future.  Associate members are non-voting participants in the KIAAA but are eligible to register for LTI courses, enroll in the fall workship, and register for the annual  spring conference


Membership enrollment is now done online.  Go to the following link: KIAAA Membership

email: kiaaaemail@gmail.com                             
phone: 316.655.8929
fax: 316.847.8081

*Note: Membership year is August – July.