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The Interscholastic Adminstrator Magazine is a journal published by the NIAAA for the members of the NIAAA.  Included in the IAA are articles updated to the business of the NIAAA.  Additonally, there are articles included in each issue that pertain to operations or procedures that could be of benefit to the AD in their daily responsibilites.  Below are archived IAAs and the content they contain.

Fall 2016

  • Leadership vs Management
  • Developing Relationships With Youth Organizations
  • AD Roles Regarding Officials
  • Managing Basketball Contests
  • Fourteen Legal Duties of Athletic Personell (Part 1)

Winter 2016

  • Finding Future Leaders in Athletic Administration
  • Motivating Coaches
  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries
  • Challenages of the Teacher/Coach
  • Encouraging Multi-Sport Participation
  • Stratagies to Title X
  • Event Management - Getting Volunteers
  • Fourteen Legal Duties of Athletic Personell (part 2)

Spring 2017

  • Financial Sustainability
  • Sportsmanship
  • Practices for Hiring Coaches
  • Challenging Personalities
  • Curb Appeal
  • Fourteen Legal Duties of Athletic Personell (part 3)
  • Coaches Education

Summer 2017

  • The Coaches Influence
  • Fundraising and Financial Responsiblity
  • Transition from Middle School to High School Athletics
  • Practical Suggestions for NEW Athletic Directors
  • The Message of Interscholastic Athletics
  • Using Multimedia to Communicate Your Message
  • Fourteen Legal Duties of Athletic Personell (part 4)

Fall 2017

  • Tweeting Policy
  • Advocating Interscholastic Athletics
  • 10 tips for Coaching Parents
  • Boosting Concession Sales
  • Financial Help For Middle School Programs
  • Fourteen Legal Duties of Athletic Personell (part 5)
  • Field Surface Testing