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Each year, the members of the KIAAA are proud to award the prestigious Jack Dressler Kansas Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association Scholarship to four deserving Kansas student-athletes. Scholarships are sponsored by Future Pro, Lou’s Sporting Goods and Vype High School Sports Magazine.


In accordance with National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association’s (NIAAA) and Kansas Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (KIAAA), whose purpose is to promote, facilitate and increase the knowledge and understanding of the vital role of interscholastic athletics in the educational system, this scholarship program will foster and recognize the partnership between the KIAAA, NIAAA and secondary education. The scholarships will recognize the distinguished scholastic, leadership and sportsmanship attributes of high school student-athletes, and the importance of high school athletics in each student’s life.

Scholarship applicants are seniors who are nominated by the athletic director who are KIAAA members. The applicant must show personal achievement through scholastic work, extra-curricular activities, and memberships in organizations, community involvement, all of which are utmost importance. Applicants must also submit an essay on “How High School Athletics Has Impacted My Life”.

Four (4) $500.00 scholarships, one in each of the four congressional districts of the state are awarded by the KIAAA.  Those district winners are screened by the District Representatives of the KIAAA and final selections are made by the KIAAA Past Presidents Committee.  From the district winners, one male and one female are selected to be submitted to the National NIAAA Scholarship program.  

Applications for this year's scholarship are now open.  The deadline for applications is January 9th, 2018.  

Click HERE for the scholarship packet.